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Su nombre Karolin, de 14 años y vive en Suecia. Le he echo una entrevista asi que os dejo con ella. ¡Espero que os guste!
Her name Karolin, she's 14 and lives in Sweden. She answers that interview for the blog, I hope you like it!

1.Why did you decide to create the blog?
I decided to create a blog when some girls in my class created theirs, and of course i could not resist and createt my own blog. It looked like fun to take photos and share them with other ones, and to write down som text about your life, and tell people about your days.

2.What blogs did you follow before you create yours?
Before i created my own blog i just followed a few blogs. The blogs from my classmates and who is one of swedens most famous blogger. Than i did not know more than them.

3.Are you happy with your blog's results?
I am happy with the things i've reached with my blog, and it always make me happy when i get postitive comments. I never did imagine that it would go upwards with my blog, even if its not that big.

4.What is your favourite outfit?(show us a photo if you want)
My favorite outfit is on the photo:

5.What do you do in a simple day?
Let's take a normal weekend, on saturday. I get up about 11 o'clock and enjoy a long breakfast with my family. After that i mabye go downtown with some friends and do some shopping, because i love shopping. We also often went to a local café to drink som chailatte and eat some sandwiches. In the evening i mabye meet some some friends again to watch some movies or just hang out with them.

6.What do you want to say to your followers?
To my followers i want to say that im really happy that they read my blog and that it not would be the same thing without them, i love them!

7.Tell us about you
Well what to tell about me? I would describe myself as a normal teenager from sweden, who likes to be with friends, clothes, fashion, shopping, music, photographing, traveling and see the world, enjoy life and of course i like sports. In the winter i go downhill skiing, in the summer i play football and i also go to gym sometims. I like running, especially when you listen to music at the same time. It makes you forget everything else around for the moment, i really like sports.

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  1. thanks for sharing Karolin with your readers !
    i really love her effortless & chic style !

    visiting her blog now :)

  2. me encantaría que lo tradujeras al español, pero ahora mismo lo traduzco yo solita.


  3. Con 14 años y tiene ya ese estilo? Juer. ^_^ Besitooss

  4. me ha gustado mucho esta blogger, no la conocía
    un beso!

  5. she's so pretty, like ur blog!:)

  6. me ha encantado conocer a esta chica, super jovencita pero vaya estilo!!
    gran entrevista, eres un genio!


  7. Muy buena la entrevista!
    Las bloggers suecas siempre han estado entre mis favoritas,no sé, tienen algo que me encanta hah
    un besazoo :)

  8. Such an interesting interview! I am a huge fan of Swedish bloggers, Caroline and Kenza are my favorite. Great job!

    Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.

  9. me gustaaaa!!
    pero mi prefe es Kenza :D

    unbesazo guapa!!

  10. noo la conocia pero ahora que he visto su entrevista me ha encantado :) muaak

  11. Madre mía, con 14 añitos y ya su propio blog y encima con estilazo, olé, olé y olé!

  12. So cool style! Didn't know her!I'll check her blog!

  13. Joe, que jovencita y ya apunta maneras! Voy a pasarme por su blog!
    Muy buena entrevista, esta guay conocer nuevas blogeras!

    Un besazo!
    Peace & Love!
    -Native' Secret-

  14. me gusta mucho esta chica, me gusta la entrevista que le has hecho y voy a ponerme a hacer yo entrevistas, ya que he estudiado periodismo!!
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  16. Love your outfits !
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  17. Me encanta. Creo que voy a seguirla xoxo

  18. vaya! esta chica tiene un look increible
    Muy interesante la entrevista un besote :)

  19. Graciaas! Esque me pareció Ferrol por las fotos haha. Genial la entrevista, ya conocía a Karolin!
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    un abrazo!

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    Un beso

  24. Me ha encantado la entrevista, es genial :)
    No conocia a esta chica pero ahora mismo visito su blog.

  25. you have an amazing style and that bag is to dies for

    love your blog

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  27. Que chica mas mona!

    unas fotos increibles, me encantan!

    Un besito guapa :D

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